Training in securing loads on the vehicle

An improperly secured load poses a risk to the driver, people loading the goods, as well as to other road users. Errors in securing loads can also result in damage to the vehicle. In order for the entire process to run safely, appropriate skills and specialist knowledge are required.
Securing of loads on a vehicle – training program
We organize trainings in the field of securing loads on the vehicle.
The program covers such issues as:
⦁ discussing issues related to the safety of cargo transport
⦁ restrictions on loading vehicles (restrictions on road structures, vehicles, laws of physics)
⦁ inertial force
⦁ loading requirements for vehicles
⦁ types of cargo securing
⦁ securing means for securing the cargo
The training is dedicated primarily to carriers and drivers professionally involved in the transport of various types of goods, shippers and consignee of loads, as well as shippers.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will provide detailed information.