Fire protection training

The aim of the training is to update and supplement the knowledge and skills in the field of fire protection and the usage of fire extinguishing equipment. The training program is tailored to the needs of the participants. The main assumptions are to provide employees in an accessible and understandable way with basic knowledge and skills of practical behaviour in the event of a fire.
As part of the classes, participants will learn about:

⦁ Legal regulations
⦁ Basic concepts of the combustion process, group of fires
⦁ Occurring fire hazards and reasons for the occurrence and spread of fires
⦁ Fire hazardous materials
⦁ Technical fire protection systems most often used in buildings
⦁ Basic rules of conduct in the event of a fire
⦁ Rules for notifying the fire brigade and other emergency services
⦁ Conditions and rules for evacuation from the facility
⦁ Employees’ obligations and responsibilities as a result of a fire and the principles of its protection
⦁ Activities prohibited in the field of fire protection
⦁ Extinguishing agents and handheld fire extinguishing equipment that is part of the building’s equipment – construction and principles of operation.
⦁ Principles of extinguishing live electrical devices
⦁ Procedure in the event of a traffic accident and fire of a means of transport
⦁ Practical rules for the application and usage of handheld fire extinguishing equipment
⦁ The training will be conducted at the Volunteer Fire Department in Józefów near Warsaw

The place of training enables practical use of handheld fire extinguishing equipment by each participant. The training will be conducted by active officers of the Fire Service. Training duration: to be agreed with the client.
After completing the training, participants receive personal certificates confirming the acquired skills.