ADR on the job training

On-the-job training is obligatory for all employees employed by transport participants (i.e. the shipper / carrier / consignee / shipper / packer / unloader) whose obligations relate to the transport of dangerous goods, according to the responsibility of these persons. Before taking up their duties, employees should be trained and activities that were not covered by the completed training may be performed only under the direct supervision of a trained person in accordance with 1.3 and 1.4.

During the training, participants learn about:

  1. General requirements for the transport of dangerous goods.
  2. The main types of hazards posed by dangerous goods.
  3. Preventive actions and security measures appropriate to different types of threats caused by goods located on the company’s premises.
  4. Responsibilities of individual participants in the transport.
  5. Restricions to load different goods together in the same vehicle or container.
  6. Precautions for food, foodstuffs and animal feed.
  7. Some of the most popular exemptions from the regulations: limited quantities and
  8. Labelling of packages and vehicles.
  9. Shipping document.
  10. Annual report.
  11. Criminal liability.

The price of the training includes training materials for all participants and the cost of the lecturer’s travel and accommodation.