About us

Employee safety and the interests of employers are a top priority for us

We are the only company in Poland that supports its clients in the field of occupational health and safety, taking into account the advice on international road, rail, inland, sea and air transport of hazardous materials (ADR, RID, ADN, IMDG i IATA DGR).

Our group of specialists with invaluable knowledge and experience cares about the safety of employees using the latest achievements of science and technology. We serve clients all over Poland using three languages: Polish, English and Russian. We have knowledge and qualifications in the field of first aid, HACCP and fire protection. We are passionate about environmental protection and we encourage our clients to do so.

OHS Training

Why ohs training is important?

Have you heard the opinion that OHS training is uninteresting and it may take up a lot of precious time? I have, many times. ” Let’s do a quick training, sign the documents and get back to work”

Our trainings

We provide a full range of trainings, OHS, fire protection, ADR, RID, IATA DGR, IMDG, ADN and first aid for both, groups and individuals.

They recommend us

I would definetly reccomend cooperation with Safety Lady as part of consulting, sevice and ADR training. Very good contact, quick reactions, expert advice. " You will just be safe"

Andrzej Bawol Inter Phone Service Sp. z o. o.

On behalf of Adar company I would like to express a very positive opinion on the cooperation with Mrs. Angelika in the field of OHS and ADR. Professional, businesslike, extremely committed and enthusiastic. Shows great understanig of the client and the specificity of his work. I definetely recommend it.


Professional advisor! We take advantage of the support in the field of ADR and OHS, and thanks to great commitment and knowledge, and at the same time friendly service, we get what we care about. I highly reccomend it!

Emilia Mola ADARA

Several years of cooperation with Safety Lady in the field of safety training in the transport of dangerous goods ADR allows us to say that Mrs Angelika is an expert providing its expertise and and practical experience. The full cooperation and the quality of services provided confirm professionalism and are highly recommended.

Marcin Rybicki EKORR